Replenishing the Arsenal

All vendors claim good protection ability. In order to cut through the competing claims and find the truth, businesses need honest and independent arbiters who fairly test different technologies on their merits.

The AV-TEST Institute has a reputation for rigor and submits each product it compares to real world attacks. When we see attackers deploy new techniques, we see AV-TEST testing our protection against these new techniques. AV-TEST focuses on the attacks customers encounter.

What’s more, all of the vendors that participate in the competition know that their products will get reviewed without bias.

Over the years, our investment in inventing advanced solutions has ensured that our products stay ahead in a landscape that’s constantly changing. As any customer can attest, it’s dangerous to rely on an aging technology as your protection layer. Things now move too fast to remain pat.

Each year, we’re developing new, advanced technologies because we recognize that there’s a world of difference between 99% protection and 0% protection. It may not sound like much but that 1% is entirely what matters. All it takes is for one threat to get in and the impact can be huge.

The upshot is a continuously replenished arsenal of new technologies – including big platforms that track trillions of pieces of information predicting whether that activity we see is good or bad, advanced technologies that block exploit attempts (even entirely new, zero-day exploits), and our continually re-trained advanced machine learning that blocks threats proactively.

Security is often “under the hood” – there is nothing visible to see. What I like best about these awards is how they bring public recognition to the ingenuity and effort of the men and women on my team. The AV-Test is a well-deserved public recognition of their hard work.

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