Hackers are employing a drive-by download to exploit a in Flash Player. What makes this so different is that researchers at Malwarebytes* have found that hackers are using encryption to package on-the-fly. They are calling it – Hidden .

Patrick Ciavolella, Digital & Operations Director at The Media Trust:

- 1x1 - Hidden Bee Miner | Information Security Buzz

“The hidden bee miner shows how bad actors have ingeniously combined a variety of techniques and infrastructure to both maximize the campaign’s spread and minimize the chance of detection. The miner spreads by compromising ad traffic and redirecting them to the exploit’s landing page. It escapes detection by blockers and other traditional detection tools because it is not only obfuscated, but also encrypted, requiring a key exchange with the backend server. This makes replaying the malicious traffic nearly impossible even for analysts. Another unique feature is the payload’s use of a bootkit, which cannot be detected by an operating system or an anti- tool. Even if it were detected, it couldn’t be deleted without damaging the infected device or machine. To prevent such increasingly sophisticated in their tracks, website operators need to continuously scan their sites in real time so they can identify unknown , terminate their source, and prevent them from infecting their visitors. The ability to thwart this aggressive is all the more crucial as consumer protection laws proliferate across sought-after markets.”

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