Windows Zero-day  - lUltT1535469592 - Hacker Revealed Unpatched Windows Zero-day Flaw Exploit Online

Researcher an Zero-day online that discovered in Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler.

This vulnerability discovered and exposed by Belgium security researcher in Twitter under the handle name of “SandboxEscaper“.

She mentioned as “Here is the alpc bug as 0day. I don’t f**king care about life anymore. Neither do I ever again want to submit to MSFT anyway. F**k all of this shit.”

It is a local privilege escalation privilege escalation vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows task scheduler in the handling of ALPC(Advanced Local Procedure Call) interface which allows the local user to gain SYSTEM privileges.

from CERT/CC analyze this vulnerability and confirm that the exploit which is released in public works on 64-bit Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 systems.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the recognizes the issue and will “proactively update impacted advice as soon as possible.

The vulnerability note from CERT/CC says: “Theis currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem.”

According to the Tweet that set the hounds running, it’s a zero-day with a proof-of-concept at GitHub.

So at this time, all Windows users are vulnerable to this local privilege escalation vulnerability and Microsoft scheduled September 11 for next patch Tuesday, so we can expect the fixed in next Microsoft security update.

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