With Public DNS, we’re committed to providing fast, private, and secure DNS resolution through both DoH and DNS over TLS (DoT). We plan to support the JSON API until there is a comparable standard for webapp-friendly DoH.

What the new DoH service for developers

To use our DoH service, developers should configure their applications to use the new DoH endpoints and properly handle HTTP 4xx error and 3xx redirection status codes.

Redirection of /experimental and dns.google.com

The /experimental API will be turned down in 30 days and HTTP requests for it will get an HTTP redirect to an equivalent https://dns.google/dns-query URI. Developers should make sure DoH applications handle HTTP redirects by retrying at the URI specified in the Location header.

Turning down the dns.google.com domain will take place in three stages.

  1. The first stage (in 4 days) will update the dns.google.com domain name to return and other Google Public DNS anycast addresses, but continue to return DNS responses to queries sent to former addresses of dns.google.com. This will provide a transparent transition for most clients.
  2. The second stage (in 90 days) will return HTTP redirects to dns.google for queries sent to former addresses of dns.google.com.
  3. The final stage (in 12 months) will send HTTP redirects to dns.google for any queries sent to the anycast addresses using the dns.google.com domain.

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