- Google Chrome Dino Easter Egg - Google Chrome 10th Anniversary – Offline Dino gets a Cake and Hat

If you’ve ever tried to browse the internet on when your connection was bad, you’ve likely seen a small, pixel T-Rex sitting above the error message. In addition to being an interesting error message, said dinosaur can also be activated on desktop and mobile versions of Chrome. Just hit the space bar (on desktop) or tap the screen (on mobile) to begin the game.


On of Chrome’s launch, Google has updated the game to include birthday which give the T-Rex a party  and adds some balloons in the background. A unique way for the to celebrate the success of its Google Chrome browser.

How to play Google Chrome Game

  • Turn off your internet or mobile and open any site which will present you with the error message and the Dino game
  • If you do not want to turn off your connectivity and want to enjoy a full screen version of the game , just open this link in your chrome browser : chrome://dino

What happens if you jump over the Cake in Google Chrome Dino

Well, Dino needs its cake and hat. If you jump over the Cake as you can see in the video (0:39 sec), the cake will keep coming again and again but there is no cake during the night time it would reappear during day and once you enjoy the cake, Dino gets its Hat.

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