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India now has over 400 GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning and Response professionals and Cyber Management Alliance are delighted to be returning to India for three exclusive UK GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning and Response programs to be deliver in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi (in partnership with Microsoft)  in February 2019.

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how to register, please visit: –

20th February CIPR Bangalore

21st February CIPR Mumbai

22nd February CIPR Delhi

Cyber Management Alliance is a UK Government Certified Cyber Security training provider.  The training is delivered by UK Government Certified Cyber Security expert and Global CISO and Trusted Advisor to UK Government Entities, Amar Singh. The training comes with an optional GCHQ Certified Training examination.

can embrace Amar’s knowledge and expertise on the complex and in-demand subject
of cybersecurity and incident response.

Over 300 organisations in 17 different countries have attended the training including United Nations, UK, Indian, Belgium, and Czech police forces, UK and Indian Government entities, Sony, Adobe, Microsoft, Formula One Racing, Capita, Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank, Goldman Sachs, British Medical Association, Switzerland National Bank, IBM, Invesco, Qualcomm and many many others.

CMA have trained over 500+ attendees from EY, PWC, Deloitte, TCS, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, Accenture, Tata communications and many more. 1000+ attendees globally were certified enabling these consultancies to showcase the capabilities of their consultants in order to display organizational understanding towards breach management to safeguard corporate assets.

Places are limited, so we would suggest you to fill in the form on the website to notify Cyber Management Alliance of your intention to attend or to request further information contact [email protected] or call 7875959302.

View feedback from previous courses in India. Click here.

Listen to the trainer Amar Singh give an overview of the

Modules – GCHQ

  • Understand the Threat
  • Before the Incident
    Strategy Mind Map.
  • Cyber Kill Chain.
  • Attack Methodologies.
  • Baseline Security.
  • User-Based Approach to
  • Building the Cyber Response
  • Incident analysis &
  • Concepts, Methodologies
    & Techniques
  • The Technologies.
  • Incident Management.
  • Cyber Incidents – Real
    Examples & Responses.
  • Threat Intelligence Led
    Incident Response.
  • After the Incident Processes and Strategies

What You Will Learn – GCHQ

  • Learn the latest techniques and insight into incident
  • Learn the business impacts of cyber breaches and
    real-world cyber attacks.
  • How to design an early warning system to lower discovery
    time from months to days Create actionable plans & checklists to use today.
  • Understand, define and baseline “Normal” within your
  • Design and implement a response framework and build an effective
    cyber response team.
  • Learn about the “golden hour” and why it is critical to
    managing an incident.
  • Understand the basic application of incident triage, OODA,
    and the Diamond Methodology.
  • Deep dive into how cybercriminals use the Cyber Kill Chain
    attack methodology and how you can implement controls at various layers of the
    kill chain.
  • Analyse recent attacks and
    learn how these attacks avoided detection.


  • Interactive & Immersive
    – Ask the Trainer
  • Group Exercises.

Feedback from our Attendees:

“This is a course that will be an eye-opener if you have little knowledge or never implemented Incident Management in your organization. If you have, it would still be a revelation as your incident management program needs two major ingredients which are missing – Amar’s rich experience and understanding of the evolving security threat landscape. This gives you the perfect recipe for an ideal Incident Management Meal !”

  • Rajesh Hariharan – Senior Manager Capgemini

“CIPR training will help all InfoSec leaders and professionals to understand how effective Incident Planning and Response can have major implications during crisis situations and prepare the organization to deal with cyber incident effectively.”

  • Kalpesh Doshi – CISO Capgemini

“This course gives great exposure to cybersecurity incident response. The trainer was well organized and covered the topic very well”

  • Dhairya Giri – Consultant EY India

“Overall training was good”

  • Gauri Dave – Information Security Consultant EY India

“Today I have attended the Cyber Security Awareness Program onto incident response and planning part. I really appreciate it was really good.”

Ram Kohli – Wipro

“It was nice attending this course which brings in the various management and the technical issues around cyber incident response capability for an organization. The material put together was very professional, and the trainer, world class.”

Preet Paramjit Singh – TCS

take out 2 minutes to watch the video feedback from our previous attendees.

here to see what previous attendees had to say about the training.

The UK GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning and Response Workshop will enable participants to prepare a defined and managed approach when responding to a data breach or cyber attack on your organization.

Trainer profile:

Amar is a Global Chief
Information Security Officer and Trusted Advisor to a number of organisations
including a FTSE 100 firms, and is chair of the ISACA UK Security Advisory
Group. Amar has the highest integrity and is trusted by Governments departments
and National Banks..

Amar is an
industry-acknowledged expert and public speaker and is regularly invited to
speak and share his insights by some of the largest and most respected
organisations in the world including The BBC, The Economist’s Intelligence Unit,
The Financial Times, SC Magazine, InfoSec Magazine, Computer Weekly, The
Register and the AlJazeera English Channel.

If you
have any further questions, you can Email to [email protected] or call 7875959302

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