The Firefox will be launched next week – The aims at alerting if their email has been compromised.

Last year, HackRead reported that Mozilla Foundation is planning to join hands with (HIBP), a popular data notification website and the aim of it will be to send an in-browser alert to Firefox browser users if they are visiting a website that was previously compromised and whether their login credentials have been involved in a data breach.

Now, it is happening but in a slightly different way- The company has announced launching a website called The Firefox Monitor that will inform the user if their email address has been leaked online or became part of a data breach. The service works in partnership with HaveIBeenPwned (HIBP) and IT security firm Cloudflare.

“We’ve worked closely with HIBP and Cloudflare to create a method of anonymized data sharing for Firefox Monitor, which never sends your full email address to a third party, outside of Mozilla,” the company said in its blog post.

The service will allow users to enter their email address in a search bar to see if it is present in databases stolen by hackers. The news was announced on 25th June 2018, however, the website is still under development.

Mozilla is expecting to invite at least 20,000 users next week to take advantage of the service. If you are a Firefox user make sure to visit the website next week from today. 

It is indeed a news for unsuspecting users who had their login credentials compromised due to third-party breach yet never got to know about it until stolen credentials were used for malicious purposes.

As for websites, it is a bad news that might force them to spend more money and resources to implement proper security measures to avoid embarrassment. 

Remember, Uber and Yahoo have a track record of hiding data breaches from their users and hopefully The Firefox Monitor will put an end to such behavior. 

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