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What’s New in Version 13.0

Thanks for using Facebook! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly.

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Customer Reviews

Really Facebook?

Zoe 401

I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I am so sick and tired of you writing that same little message in the update place. What, you work hard to update the app but you’re too lazy to write what you did like a normal person? Go ahead and look at some of the apps out there, they are not too lazy to write what they did. Well would you look at that? your rival Twitter does it. Want to be better than them, don’t you? Well that’s one way. And that’s not all, you also decide to put it in the app. Writing it once wasn’t enough, you have to annoy people even more by not putting what you did in plain view. What’s next, making us read our posts in a weird language that nobody cares about? I sure hope not, because I’m sure you’ll probably lose all your users in a heartbeat. Now that I’m done with that, here is some advice for you. Stop trying to be lazy and do your own thing and only care about money, and legitimately make the app better for us. Think about what people are saying in the reviews, and right what you did in the update place.

So much messed up


Seems like every time y’all fix one thing in the app something else ends up being messed up. I don’t know if this happens on just the app but I’ve noticed when I see posts from different like pages it will say the post has X amount of comments but when I actually click on the comments they don’t show. And this only happens on like pages, not on anyone’s personal pages. Also I wish the app wouldn’t automatically refresh itself every time I click out of it. I could be looking at a post and close out of Facebook to look at something else on my phone then go back to finish reading the post and Facebook will refresh itself before I can finish reading the post I was on.

Update: why is it when y’all update to fix one thing you mess something else up? After the recent update I now notice I haven’t been getting push updates to my phone for my Facebook notifications

Worthless update!


My Facebook app (iPhone) updated itself on the 14th and has been complete garbage ever since. Not only do I hate the new way comments appear over posts (it looks like the post has been shared with a new description), but I suddenly can’t edit comments (the “more” option leads only to delete), and about 75% of the time I get a comment notification, I click on it and it says the page/post couldn’t be found! I have to guess which post it was on and go searching on my own to find any responses. When I am brought to the correct post, it leaves me at the , so I have to scroll to find where the comment may be (used to be directed straight to the new comment from the notification). Also, things just look really stupid. Whatever you did to reformat things was a bad idea. Please fix these bugs or bring back the previous version!

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