Let’s go back to fall of 2017, recall the mass was responsible for? Well, has resurfaced again, this time to shed some light on just how many victims had their data exposed, data type and the dates the data was unlawfully accessed. This particular has stayed current in the cyber security world, due to the sheer volume and type of sensitive data affected. This particular placed nearly half of Americans in a nervous sweat as they waited to know whether they may face impending identity theft.

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PII (personally identifiable information) was the data type exposed. Everything from credit card information, tax , photos,  social security numbers, passport information and nearly every piece of sensitive data a person could hold was vulnerable.

Most recently, the credit-monitoring company has released more details on specific numbers regarding the breach. Per US senator commands, Equifax has had to trudge up their breach again to reevaluate numbers and the date they learned of the breach. It has been revealed that Equifax was aware of the breach on July 29 yet failed to make any report to supervisory authority for another month.

It appears that Equifax has lifted the veil of uncertainty a bit more while abiding to senator commands. In 2017, Equifax refuted that any passport information was accessed. Unfortunately, the water has just gotten murkier as Equifax has now claimed that a small number of individual’s passport information was in fact stolen.

Provided by Equifax, these are the numbers released relative to the data breach:

Name 146.6 million
Birthdate 146.6 million
Social Security Number     145.5 million
Address 99 million
Gender 27.3 million
Phone Number 20.3 million
Driver’s License Number 17.6 million
Email Address 1.8 million
Credit Card information 209,000
Tax ID 97,500
Driver’s License State 27,000


Further information and numbers related to stolen images is listed below.


Driver’s License 38,000
Social Security/ Taxpayer ID card 12,000
Passport 3,200
Other 3,000


Individuals located worldwide can hope that Equifax has finally released all of the data surrounding this cyber security catastrophe. While this breach does not win the prize for most people affected, it does rank for exposing some of the most sensitive data imaginable.

According to CNET, the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner (D-Virginia) suggested after the breach that now is the time for Congress to revamp data security protection standards.

And while data security standards were not honored for this breach, the international cyber security world has advanced further and created new standards.  For all organizations conducting business with EU citizens, the General Data Protection Regulation will be put into effect by May 25, 2018. In order to stay out of the data breach spotlight, organizations should begin becoming GDPR complaint as soon as possible. Equifax included. Click below to more about Teramind.

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