Commentary: When the Tesla CEO saw Boston Dynamics’ Atlas doing a backflip, he flipped. On Twitter, that is.

He’s begged politicians to begin regulating it now. Before, presumably, the bots move so fast that the politicians won’t even see them. Which, looking at the current Congress, wouldn’t take much speed at all.

I’m especially perturbed by Musk’s suggestion that the age of the lightning-fast robot is so close at hand.

It’s bad enough listening to the likes of director of engineering Ray Kurzweil insisting that by 2030 we’ll be robot hybrids.

But if we now have to prepare for backflipping robots who’ll run rings around us without us even being able to see the rings, I’m ready to give up.

It almost makes me want to get on the side of the robots now and join the insane church known as the Way of the Future.

Wait, though. We can unplug these robots, can’t we? We can control their speeds, so that we can at least view their gymnastics and offer them a 5.9, can’t we?

Or will they override our wishes? Without us even seeing it happen, that is.

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