About the

Sonokinetic BV is a virtual instruments manufacturer based in the Netherlands catering to composers in the media industry. The company produces professional audio tools that change the way content is created and help composers focus on their creativity without losing time getting stuck on technical aspects of the digital production .

The Problem

The key challenge was facing is the fact that technology is changing rapidly, and they wanted to be able to move fast while keeping up with the latest security threats. Since they found it hard to stay on of potential vulnerabilities, they were looking for a that both worked well with the AWS , had unique security tests for the AWS technology, and could help them stay on top of security threats.

Proposed Solution

consulted with Sonokinetic and recommended them to continuously run scans on their application to make sure it was safe.


By using Detectify, Sonokinetic utilize the knowledge of over 100 handpicked ethical hackers to continuously detect the latest security issues on their web application, including AWS specific vulnerabilities. The extensive knowledge base provides the Sonokinetic team with information on how to fix their identified vulnerabilities, allowing them to stay on top of threats and continue to operate in a safe environment.

Sample Architecture

- AWS Sonokinetic 1024x578 - Detectify and AWS Security Solution Successes: Sonokinetic

Read more about Detectify’s AWS application vulnerability scanning pre-authorization and advanced technology partner status.

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