About the :

KRY offers video consultations with licensed doctors through their app and is revolutionizing the healthcare sector by making quality healthcare safe and easy to access.

The problem

has spent a lot of time discussing with county councils to ensure it fulfills even the toughest requirements. Healthcare services need to satisfy the strictest measures, which is why KRY has been very selective when choosing the right tools to secure their patients’ sensitive .

KRY was running and was on the hunt for a security company with an understanding of the . , built on AWS, had extensive knowledge of AWS services, , and building serverless services using Dockers on AWS, was therefore the perfect fit for KRY.

The solution

Detectify consulted with KRY and recommended them to test the security of their whole environment, including production, to be able to find vulnerabilities. Since we continuously implement unique tests for AWS Cloudfront and S3 Buckets, we can help KRY continue to operate in a safe environment.


KRY are continuously using Detectify to test the security of their whole environment. The service has enabled them to set high goals for their security status, and helped them increase the security awareness in their organisation.

Sample Architecture

AWS-KRY- Detectify  - AWS KRY 1024x578 - Detectify and AWS Security Solution Successes: KRY

Read more about Detectify’s AWS application vulnerability scanning pre-authorization and advanced technology partner status.

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