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Comodo AV Test  - Comodo av test logo - Comodo is The Best AV for PCs for February 2018

AV-TEST, an international research body, honored Comodo as the best antivirus product for Windows PCs for the month of . Comodo bested its competitors in a battery of tests conducted by -TEST to measure a product’s protection, performance, repair, and usability.

The tests, which AV-TEST conducts on a monthly basis in order to detect the forms of malware and to analyze them using state of the art methods, use publicly available versions of anti-viruses. The researchers simulate real-world scenarios meaning they run the AVs against a gamut of the malware while testing how the products’ processes affect a computer’s resources.

Comodo edged out other players in the Windows PC environment by garnering scores of 100% in the detection of known threats and 100% in prevention of malware zero-day attacks. AV-TEST researchers gave Comodo a 5.5 Performance rating out of a possible 6.0 because of its relatively minimal impact on a computer’s speed. Finally, Comodo AV garnered a perfect 6.0 Usability score because it only blocked legitimate once out of the 51 runs researchers tried the product. Comodo AV only also showed a single instance of false detection after scanning 1,514,806.

This positive review from the independent malware research organization is a welcome sign for Comodo and one which may also portend for good things to come. The cybersecurity solutions provides a suite of products with a strong focus on proactively denying threats from gaining footholds on systems. Proof of this can be found in a leaked CIA document bemoaning Comodo AV 5.0’s near impenetrable defense against hacks.

Comodo Antivirus is a product of Comodo Group Inc with headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey. Please download Comodo Antivirus for free here.

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