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We’re excited to announce that ’s consumer anti-virus was a “Top Product” by the AV- Institute, an independent IT and AV research organization. Our anti-malware capabilities have been tested, validated, and proven to be a top solution for endpoint users.

The AV-testing categories consist of Performance, Protection, and Usability to determine how each product performs against current online threats. Comodo scored a 6.0/6.0, which concludes that our product protects against malware attacks 100% of the time, including email and web-based threats. It also revealed 100% detection rates of rampant malware within the last 4 weeks.

Comodo Internet Security Premium was thus recognized as one of the best Antivirus Software for Windows Home – a “Top Product”.

This recognition in particular is one we are extremely proud of, as our product is powered by the same underlying security engine that also powers Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) – our anti-malware solution for businesses. Our AEP uniquely renders malware useless through our innovative auto-containment technology. With containment, all unknown executables are “locked” in a virtual container, while our Valkyrie cloud-based analysis platform analyzes the files and provides an accelerated verdict in less than 45 seconds 95% of the time, of either known “good” or known “bad”.

With the commonality across our “Top Product” consumer antivirus and our Advanced Endpoint Protection, we’re confident that Comodo Cybersecurity can render malware useless, for both consumers and businesses alike!

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