and have an ongoing strategic Internet of Things (IoT) partnership that was recently expanded to include . Downer, a diversified engineering and services headquartered in Australia, in August of 2017, secured a contract to build out and, with the system owner, co-manage a potentially massive smart cities infrastructure for the Western Australia Government State CCTV Strategy.

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In smart cities, everything is connected. IoT together with automation allows monitoring and processing of terabytes of real-time to allow multiple systems and infrastructure within cities to be monitored to ensure the public welfare.

But with massive amounts of data comes the huge threat of security breaches and nefarious activity. That’s why it’s so important for smart cities to have smart security solutions.

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Downer embarked upon the project to build a secure, centralized data center where CCTV security feeds from across Western Australia would be consolidated. This is the first project of this type. No playbook existed. Downer turned to Cisco as their partner to jointly innovate solutions for connecting disparate equipment and ensure the entire system was protected against cyber criminals. The Downer team was assigned a Cisco Customer Success manager to deploy the data center, secured with the Firepower 2100 NGFW and industry leading NGIPS to protect the infrastructure.

Watch this video to learn more how Cisco and Downer partnered to deliver for Downer’s customer.


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