WikiLeaks  - Expresslane CIA GBHackers - CIA Conducts Cyber Operation “ExpressLane” Against Their Partners

WikiLeaks Revealed a new document of CIA Secret operations called “ExpressLane” that conducts against CIA’s information sharing Service Partners (liaison services) like NSA,DHS ,and FBI.

These Secret operation Performing for collecting the BioMetric Information around the World by helping of CIA’s own biometric collection system Branch called OTS (Office of Technical Services).

Few days before CIA Hacking Tool Revealed, CouchPotato that Capture and collecting videos Streaming.

CIA Considering this voluntary sharing is not enough and ExpressLane that is collecting the covert information by CIA  secretly exfiltrate collections from such systems provided to liaison services.

OTS agents installed and run ExpressLane with the cover of upgrading the biometric by that the liaison sites.

OTS system’s code components are based on products from Cross Match, a biometric software for law enforcement and the Intelligence Community.

How Does ExpressLane Tool Works

OTS (Office of Technical Services)Provide the liaison services with biometric information collecting system.

According to CIA Document, ExpressLane Helps to verify the date that is being Shared with the Agency and also giving an ability the disable the biometric software if liaison doesn’t provide the Agency with continued access.

Since it’s a BioMetric information Stealing Operation, the Target System must have an Access for USB port for the thumb drive.

Two Ways to Deploy the ExpressLane into Target Network.

1.First one At Headquarters before delivery of the biometric system to a Liaison Service
2.Second as part of an upgrade to the biometric system.

OTS officers install the ExpressLane 3.1.1  when a biometric system has given to Liaison as part of an upgrade to the biometric system.

The new version of ExpressLane enables the Upgrade Installation screen with a progress bar which appears when upgrading the biometric software.

OTS Request to upgrade the Biometric Software to install this Program and This installation time for the upgrade can be pre-determined by an OTS officer.

Here, ExpressLane sends the collected data to a watermarked thumb drive. and the Files that used to update the Biometric will be saved into Specific Location.

when watermarked thumb inserted into Target system, Another part of this Program called MOBSLangSvc.exe Helps to collect the data files encrypted and compressed.

Collection occurs even if no one is logged in.Kill date is modified by inserting a watermarked USB drive.

CreatePartition v3.1.1 supporting tool will be install before installing ExpressLane v3.1.1 on a target machine.

View the configuration of partition and options on the thumb drive and Reset the thumb drive – remove the hidden partition.

WikiLeaks   - cia - CIA Conducts Cyber Operation “ExpressLane” Against Their Partners

Installation Tool

After Post-processing of Collected Data, ExitRamp 3.1.1 is used on a Base system Headquarters to collect the data from the covert partition of a thumb drive used by ExpressLane v3.1.1. 

WikiLeaks   - cia 2 - CIA Conducts Cyber Operation “ExpressLane” Against Their Partners

Post Processing of collection data

Here you can Visit the Previously Disclosed  CIA Cyber Weapons.

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