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Here is my situation.  We have a user that needs to transfer large amounts of (20-40GB) to a USB drive.  With off, the transfer takes about 30 minutes or so.  With DLP on it takes at least 8 hours because DLP is every file that is transferred.  We still want DLP on the machine to scan any email or web traffic, we just want to be able to turn off DLP on USB for a person(s).  We have a that we use to allow to transfer sensitive information to USB and not get blocked, but the data is still scanned while it is being transferred and therefore it slows down the transfer.

My question is, is there any configuration in DLP we can do to allow these transfers to not be scanned at all?  We have some ideas on workarounds outside of DLP but wanted to see if we could do it inside of DLP.

We are currently running the 14.6 agents and 14.5 servers, if that matters.


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