Who tires of the relentlessly mining?
My biggest nightmare is when unknown data flows between the and my computer without either any administrative control, insight or approval.

I fled from 8.0 years ago. But now in its latest bid to monetize Ubuntu Linux users, Conical is also removing local administrative control along the lines the MicroSoft ‘Trusted’ Installer. They now modify the Linux kernel removing local control for mandatory updates and proprietary Snap applications.
Snap must be approved by Canonical. Snaps allow binary images to be installed which traditional Linux installers rejected as untrusted.

Canonical following the business models of Googe and MicroSoft, as app owning teams are responsible for security of their SNAP apps. This deliberate design away from open source allows malicious actors to easily interject themselves into your precious system. By design, you the owner are rendered powerless and clueless.

Snap apps must be approved by Canonical. Snaps allow binary images to be installed which previous installers either rejected as untrusted.

The ultimate irony is a worthless privacy policies stating ‘we take your privacy seriously.’ The bottom line is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS forced Snap monetizing vehicle is a non-starter. Time to jump ship again!

Now step back and combine this data-mining nightmare with the Intel Management Engine and Spector flaws.
Worse DRAM and video card prices have more than doubled. No wonder traditional ’s are decline. I can only take so much abuse!
I’m being forced to stop investing in the traditional computing way of life dumping both popular OS and hardware. What are many options?
First change can result for the better. My solution:
Rather than have one computing device with mediocre results for everything, What are the categories?

Entertainment Results
a) Apple 4K streamer offers the best privacy for DRM services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Connected with isolated Gbit Ethernet $200
b) Raspberry Pi 3 w/Open Source Media Center 32bit OS microSD – $7
c) Vero 4K Streamer w/OSMC for high-end multi-media 64bit OS microSD $150

The Debian based OSMC operating system offers fine privacy control to stay local and private. However the Pi3/ARM processor ID is a concern as third-party applications can track. Dodgy Kodi add-ons are also a security concern and best avoided.

Home Business Results
d) Use latest generation (but discarded) entertainment PCs by installing an unmodified Linux Long Term Support Kernel. Useful for Mail and web browser (with Ad-block user-agent spoofing). The Gnome disks utility easily creates backup images from the micro SDs.
Security question: can disk writes be physically disabled with a SD extension adapter?

SMB Linux LTS kernel with default desktop

Open Source DD-WRT modem with AES encryption for trusted wired network

These British open source solutions aren’t sold or supported in Big-Data USA.
The $75 Raspberry Pi3 is also fast enough to use for light duty PC work. I now buy $20 mico-ssd for local storage. Unlike standard Iot devices, these devices are easier to use, improve picture quality, reliability and owner security. Unlike the Amazon Fire there is no advertising. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks go to Conical for pushing the issue.

Note: Amazon has begun selling subsidized 4K Android based streamers from . The unspoken catch is the OS can’t be wiped-clean to prevent you from being data-mined.

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