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We are using from Microsoft.  we have a that does an upgrade from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 10 1709.   In this task we run this :

“c:Program Files (x86) CorporationPGP Desktoppgpwde” –add- –admin-authorization –disk 0

We set this to run as a certain user and this user is in the correct AD group called WDE-ADMIN.  When the task sequence runs this command it works but when the machine comes back after a reboot the task sequence is prevented from contunuing since you have to click a “Other User login icon” and then enter your user/password.   How do you disable this Other User login icon?  it is preventing the SCCM task sequence from continuing. 

Or another way to say this is”  How do you automate the OS upgrade of a Windows 7 x64 machines that has PGP installed?  The system needs to reboot between 3-6 times depending on what we install etc….


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