In light of the news today regarding a report from NCSC and NCA that found   have been by ‘more than ever before’, Paul Farrington, Manager: EMEA Solution Architects at CA Veracode commented below.

Paul Farrington, Manager: EMEA Solution Architects at CA Veracode:

- Paul Farrington 300x300 - British Organisations Hit By ‘More Online Attacks Than Ever Before’“As our dependency on continues to grow, this creates a greater surface for hackers to and so it is no surprise that cybercriminals are targeting businesses at a higher rate than ever before.

If businesses want to reduce the risk from hackers, ensuring that their software is secure will be crucial. With research revealing that 77% of all software applications have at least one vulnerability when first scanned, businesses still have a long way to go in prioritising cyber .

An effective way of keeping software secure is to test for vulnerabilities in web and software applications early and often. In this way vulnerabilities can be discovered and fixed before they can be exploited by hackers.”

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