AlienVault’s Mike LaPeters Talks Skill Shortages, Better Incident Response
Mike LaPeters, VP Global Channels, AlienVault

By 2020, cybersecurity analysts predict, there will be a shortfall of 3 million qualified information security professionals, even as the number of security threats facing businesses continues to spike, says AlienVault’s Mike LaPeters.

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“You take that [worker shortfall], coupled with this threat proliferation, you need to find a way to help companies react and respond,” LaPeters says.

And for many organizations, he says, the answer will be to work with a managed security service provider, to help them not only address the skill shortage but also to be able to work with security analysts who are at the top of their game.

In a video interview at the recent Infosecurity Europe conference in London, LaPeters discusses:

  • The business case, for many organizations, for working with MSSPs;
  • AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange;
  • How to access better incident response automation and orchestration.

LaPeters is vice president of global channels for AlienVault. Previously, he was the head of client engagement and founder of Predictable Process and served as the senior vice president for sales and customer success at SignaCert, among other roles.

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