Technology has revolutionized our world today. Every industry is feeling its impact and freelance writers are not left out too. Today, thesis writer professionals have a lot to celebrate about due to the many applications that have come to make their work easier. This ranges from taking notes, making initial drafts, doing the actual writing, proofreading and editing their written manuscripts. As a writer, you would want to find technology and that makes you more and more product, which is what it is supposed to do. Here are some of the best for use by freelance writers:

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This is
a cloud-based service helping users store important information and still be
able to access it from any other computer. It is very useful for writers who
work from different stations. They can sync their documents in Google Drive and
ensure a constant back of their writing. In case of anything, they can still
access their work from Google Drive and continue with their writing elsewhere.


proper grammar is important for freelance writers. Even the best writers need
to check their work for proper grammar, proofread it and make sure it is
grammatically correct before submission. Grammarly will help writers see these
mistakes and help writers correct them. It is a tool that saves a lot of time
because it can be installed as an extension to the writing software including
Ms Office.


software is useful for group and individual projects. The interface is easy to
interact with and provides a lot of information as desired by the writer for
viewing. Using Trello, writers can set due
dates and collaborate with teams in a very efficient manner. Freelance writers
can monitor their progress with a project as well.


simple terms, this software is an inbox for everything you need. The
application permits users to categorize and archive anything instantly. This
includes ideas, audio files, websites, notes and receipts among other things. Typically,
users can save a lot of things from various platforms. Items of information are
easily searchable and are digitally archived.

working on an assignment, a writer can collect study materials from various
websites, keep it there and pitch their ideas too. With Evernote, freelance
writers can continue from where they left without missing out on anything. This
is particular when switching between assignments.


who have to do regular posts on social media platforms can make use of the
Buffer software to facilitate such. It makes it possible for users to
pre-schedule posts for all these platforms including Pinterest, Google+,
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The Buffer software is also what you need to
market yourself. You can easily share written posts and information across
various platforms as you progress with the assignments and takes a short time
to do that.


At this
age of technology and the , writers cannot afford to stay in touch with
the latest tools in the industry. This is what many My Dissertations
are using to make their work easier and boost their productivity.
faced when conducting research, taking notes, planning projects and tracking
them are now a thing of the past. With a mere click on these software
platforms, writers can organize their work and do their writing in a very
efficient manner.

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