Aspen  - Aspen - Avast New Secure Browser Aspen to Protect User Privacy

Avast has released a new version of its secure browser Aspen, that aimed in strengthening user privacy and amplify the browsing speed.

Nowadays tracking of users becomes more sophisticated, organizations use browser fingerprint to track everything you do online.

Browser fingerprint refers to the set of information collected by remote computing for identification purpose. The fingerprint includes plugins installed, user agent, Cookie settings, AdBlock presence, Time zone and more.

Avast said that it’s Anti-Fingerprinting feature in Aspen browser masks most of the user’s unique feature, renders your fingerprint generic and makes companies harder to track.

The secure browser also includes a webcam guard, which ensures none of the sites will access your webcam without your approval. It gives you control over how websites connect to your camera.

Hack Check

The hack check feature alerts you instantly if you used compromised credentials, also you can do a hack check by just entering the email address. You can also access the hack checker online.

Aspen  - hack check aspen release - Avast New Secure Browser Aspen to Protect User Privacy

It also contains privacy features like Anti-Tracking, Stealth Mode, and Adblock, additional features like Bank Mode and Anti-Phishing.

Aspen  - security and privacy center aspen release 2 1 - Avast New Secure Browser Aspen to Protect User Privacy

We believe everyone deserves the right to retain control of their privacy, identity, and personal . Plus, the internet is much more enjoyable when you know those things are safe, reads Avast blog post. You can download the Aspen from Avast download page.

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