Trend Micro and Alert Logic are speaking about a critical Atlassian Confluence Server vulnerability that is being remotely exploited by attackers to compromise both Linux and servers, allowing them to drop GandCrab ransomware and the Dofloo (aka AES.DDoS, Mr. Black) Trojan.  


Mounir Hahad, Head of the Juniper Threat Labs at Juniper Networks:  

- isbuzz expert 8 260x300 - Atlassian Confluence Server Vulnerability | Information Security Buzz“Atlassian uses two different deployment models: some customers use their cloud SaaS business and some deploy an in-house instance of the popular collaboration tool. The danger lies on the in-house deployments. Even then, most collaboration tools are internal to their organizations and present no public interface on the internet. Those are less likely to be compromised since a actor would first need to penetrate the private network then move laterally to take over an Atlassian deployment.   

On the other hand, those deployment meant for collaboration across organizations, with a publicly facing web access are at risk. This situation is no different from any other web server : it is imperative to quickly upgrade to a more recent version of the product which includes a patch to the as well as assess your internal network for any signs that it might already have been compromised.” 

Pankaj Parekh, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at SecurityFirst:  

- isbuzz expert 7 260x300 - Atlassian Confluence Server Vulnerability | Information Security Buzz“There are many attack vectors, and hackers are quick to notice them and act on them. In this case it’s a Widget Connector macro in an unpatched Atlassian Confluence Server which allows an attacker to execute code on the server. Once a server is compromised, and attacker could choose to go after anything – including critical private data. We continue to advise our customers to protect their data where it is stored, so when the inevitable hack happens, the data can’t be stolen or corrupted.”   


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