Who doesn’t like elegant watches, especially those who can literally save your like the , right? Last time when we talked about Apple Watch, it was related to a 62-year-old man who felt sick at work and decided not to bother his colleagues but when his Apple Watch’s Health and Fitness feature revealed that his heart pressure was extremely high and he’s suffering a serious heart that’s when 911 was called and doctors saved his life.

Now, in a similar incident; Adam Love, a 24-year old man from Australia was alerted by his Apple Watch that his heart during sleep was hitting 140 beats per minute (bpm). In normal circumstances, it’s around 60 bpm. It was then when Love decided to pay a visit to the hospital and it turned out that he had a hole in his heart since birth which went undetected for 24 years.

Not only that, doctors also identified a serious lung condition in which his blood was found circulating in the right atrium rather than the left side. As a result, Love underwent surgery for the hole and as astounding as it may sound the surgery was successfully conducted by a 3D robot called daVinci.

Apple Watch saves one more life notifying user about his unusual heart rate  - apple watch saves one more life notifying user about his unusual heart beats 1 1024x397 - Apple Watch saves one more life by notifying user about his unusual heart rate

Adam Love (left) – Image credit: 9News

Love is grateful to his Apple Watch for saving his life by highlighting his medical conditions which may have gone unnoticed for the rest of his life.

“I don’t think I’d live without one now. I love it for the convenience but also the fact it just picked up something medically that I had no idea about and it potentially saved my life,” Love told 9News

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