As you may have heard, Banco de Chile is the latest victim in a string of cyber targeting payment transfer systems and in a similar vein to the recent Mexico heist, hackers wreaked havoc on banking operations.

Ofer Israeli, CEO at Illusive Networks, believes the Lazarus Group, one of the most notorious band of cybercriminals, is behind this, using a variant of their highly complex KillDisk to distract attention from their key target.

Ofer Israeli, CEO at Illusive Networks:

- 1x1 - Analysis Of Banco De Chile + Continued Cyber Attacks On Banks

“Targeting financial organizations is part of their long term strategy and compromising global financial networks via small to medium-sized in Central and South America whose cyber defenses may be less sophisticated poses a higher probability of success.

The next Bangladesh heist is imminent unless the entire financial ecosystem does its utmost to minimize the surface and proactively detect attacks on the entry points.”

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