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Just a week after an estimated amount of  4 crores was siphoned off from in Pune, officials and account holders have become concerned about the system. Now, a new directive saying that no will be replenished with after pm, come 201 has been issued by the Home Ministry, reports PTI.

The directive also states that the ATM vending machines won’t be refilled after 6 pm in rural areas and Naxal-hit areas after 4 pm. The private agencies monitoring the process must collect money from the banks in first half of the day and transport them in armed vehicles.

The private security agency will also make sure that all cash handling, including counting, sorting and bundling activities shall be carried out in secured premises. The premises shall be designed to include two independent areas, one for general office purpose and other for secured cash processing. The latter will include space for cash deposit, collection, sorting, counting and delivery of cash to secured vans.

The Ministry has further directed that every cash van shall have one driver, two armed security guards, two ATM officers during the commute. One armed guard shall be seated in front with the driver, the other shall be positioned at the back of the van.

One armed security guard shall remain present at the cash van during loading, unloading, toilet, tea or lunch break. The van shall not be left unguarded at any cost. ATM officers should also be appointed only after stringent background checks like Aadhaar and residence verifications, previous employment history, credit history and fidelity insurance.

A small CCTV system with a five day recording facility will also be installed in the cash van. Three cameras will also be installed in front, rear and inside of the cabin van. Apart from this, there will be a GPS tracking system, fire extinguishers, emergency lights to ensure quick reactions in case of an attack. It will also have a security alarm with GSM-based auto-dialer and a motorised siren.

- logo16 - After Rs 94 Crore Cosmos Bank Fraud, No ATMs To Be Refilled With Cash After 9 PM From February –

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