As part of the recent Veterans Day celebrations, fellow veteran Barry Manter and I were proud to represent Symantec at the VetsinTech Gala. Why was I so proud? While serving in the Navy, I cherished being part of something larger than myself; along with my fellow service members, we were protecting America and our allies. 

I particularly remember landing after a grueling, very successful operational at the height of the Cold War. It was November, and our aircrew was completely exhausted, having flown all-night in a violent North Atlantic storm. As we walked across the flight line, we were surprised to see a breathless Duty Officer hustling towards us to say our the next day had been canceled. The Duty Officer saw our immediate reaction of “What? Cancel us?” We had just crushed our , and we couldn’t wait to get back on-station the next day. The Duty Officer responded, “Wait, it’s good news. The Berlin Wall is falling!” 

I can still feel our unbridled joy and immense pride. We helped make that happen; we won the Cold War! I felt that same sense of mission accomplishment after the liberation of Kuwait following Operation Desert Storm, and our initial response to the 9/11 attacks and the Global War on Terrorism.     

The same sense of purpose is alive here at Symantec; we are protecting society! I’m inspired by how this and my fellow team members have rallied around our work and each other in a challenging FY19. Like the military, we are mission-focused; we care deeply about our work; and we embrace the responsibility and accountability we have to our customers, our clients and – most importantly – each other.  

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