87% of companies across Europe, Middle East and Africa admitted they have suffered a cyber in the past year, 48% of them resulting in damage over $500,000.  This is one of the findings from the Cisco Security Capabilities Benchmark Study, research that involved more than 3,600 professionals from across countries.

To help CISOs  increase the effectiveness of their security posture, decrease the time to detection and remediation and evolve their cyber security organisation into a growth enabler, Cisco will again host a Cyber Security Day at Cisco Live, with a session dedicated to CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers).  The session will discuss CISOs’ and business needs and demonstrate how Cisco is uniquely able to partner with them to make cyber security an effective business enabler within their organisations.  It will also include a customer CISO presentation and details of how Cisco protects its , customers and employees against breaches.

Below is the detailed agenda of the CISO Day session
Cisco Live / Barcelona
January 28th 2019

If you are a CISO and would like to register: click here

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