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Over 70% of Americans have a computer with a broadband Internet connection. Almost 80% of Americans are online every day. With all the computer use comes a lot of technical issues. In this article, we detailed a list of best desktop software that is useful in troubleshooting purposes.

How do people resolve their computer
issues? They call a help desk. It’s hard walking someone through a
technical fix when you can’t see what’s happening. 

Remote access software is a great
solution. Help your customers the easy way. With a simple log-on, your techs
help clients from their desktop. 

Read on for more information and a look at nine of the best remote desktop software programs for

Access Software: What Is It?

With remote access software, you can control another computer
from wherever you are.

Do you have customers with technical
issues? Using the software, they grant you access to their cursor. You can see
what’s happening within their computer. You fix their problem right from
your screen.

You can even help a friend who
doesn’t live close by. 

Use remote access for file sharing
without email or share services like Dropbox. You can even print files from
another computer on your printer.

Remote Access Secure?

Security is a valid concern since
there were issues in the past with some remote software. But as long as you
use strong unique passwords for all your log-ins, security isn’t a

Never use the same password for more
than one log-in for any reason.

Using the same password on more than one site makes it easy for hackers. Once they’ve got your password from one site, they can use it for access to your other accounts.

Best Remote Desktop Software


Your technicians will like RemotePC.
It’s easy to use and features a simple interface.

Although it can’t display more than
one remote monitor, performance is fast. Need to transfer files between computers?
It’s is quick and easy with this program. 

best remote desktop software  - RemotePC    - 9 Best Remote Desktop Software for 2019

This program works for both PCs and
Macs. There aren’t a lot of fancy extras. But if you need an inexpensive
program that gets the job done, try RemotePC. 


This is the best remote desktop software for Windows. It works well on Mac but there are fewer features.

best remote desktop software  - GoToMyPC - 9 Best Remote Desktop Software for 2019

If you like drag-and-drop file
transfers, GoToMyPC has them. You’ll see remote computer desktop icons. There’s
also support for multi-monitors. 

This program has a lot of nice
features while offering ease of use.  

Netop Remote Control

Are you looking for a tailored
solution to your remote control software needs? Netop Remote Control offers simplified
administration through centralized management. 

Meet necessary compliance standards
with advanced logging. Netop offers webinars, case studies, and an updated

best remote desktop software  - Netop Remote Control - 9 Best Remote Desktop Software for 2019

You get technical support and an
extensive knowledge base. There’s end-to-end encryption with standard
two-factor authentication. There’s even automatic locking of remote computers
in case of an unusual disconnect. 

This software is great for
organizations with HIPAA-compliance needs.

Netop offers a trial. You can
also get it for less than $1 dollar per month. Or get a customized quote for a
lifetime purchase. 


Zendesk offers a great user experience with real-time chat and screen sharing. Zendesk has session recording and features surveys and feedback. There are a lot of extras with this best remote desktop software.

You can track complaints and
corrective actions. You’ll even get social media monitoring. This is a robust
remote access program best suited to large companies.

ConnectWise Control

There are diagnostic tools and file
sharing. You’ll also find session recording and screen sharing with this remote
access program. There’s a knowledge base, live chat, and a self-service portal.

best remote desktop software  - ConnectWise Control - 9 Best Remote Desktop Software for 2019

Group computers by client and tags
for coded searches of your groups. This is a solid performer in the remote
access arsenal. 


If you’re looking for a comprehensive set of features, TeamViewer has them. This app offers multi-monitor support and security. It is one of the best remote desktop software used for assistance.

best remote desktop software  - TeamViewer - 9 Best Remote Desktop Software for 2019

You’ve got online meetings and
remote access all in the same app. This is a good app for corporate

Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA has an excellent remote
monitoring management solution. This is for integrating remote IT systems. This
is a solid, secure remote access app.

- Kaseya VSA - 9 Best Remote Desktop Software for 2019

This is perfect for IT professionals
with in-house IT and remote management needs. Helps meet compliance

This is an open platform integrating
well with other solutions that work for your organization. Great for automation
and scalability. 


Are you looking for a simple design
in an easy-to-understand remote access app? RemotePC offers both. It supports
file transfers and a chat feature. It works well on Windows and Mac. 

- RemotePC - 9 Best Remote Desktop Software for 2019

You can also record your sessions.
RemotePC enables access to a computer from a remote device. 

If you’re looking for more than one
connection, this isn’t the app for you. But if you’re a one-person team this
free program could meet your needs. 


FixMe.IT is another easy-to-use best remote desktop software. Starting at a low $25 per month, this is a good pick for small businesses.

- FixMe - 9 Best Remote Desktop Software for 2019

This software has multi-session
handling and unlimited on-demand support. You’ll also get access to 150
unattended machines. This app opens and connects to your client workstations

Intuitive easy connecting for customers makes your job easier. 

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Windows Remote Desktop – Best remote desktop software

If you’re a Windows-only
organization, this program is in the operating system. No need to download, the
program’s already there. 

It’s a bare-bones experience that
supports file transfers. But there’s no chat capability. Open your system
property settings in the Control Panel and get started. 

You’ll need to set up your router
for port forwarding for connections outside the network. 

This is a no-frills Window-only
remote access program. But if that’s all you need, then it’s perfect!

Remote Desktop Software Programs

With so many apps to choose from,
it’s tough picking the best remote desktop software program. But these are some
of the best programs offering the most features. 

Determine your needs before trying a
program. It could be that a free, no-frills program will work fine for your

If you’re a big company with lots of tech-support and compliance needs, you’ll want a robust program.  Remote desktop programs offer versatility in solving your customer’s needs.

Final Words…

In this article, we detailed you the list of best remote desktop software that will help you in troubleshooting your PC needs. If you had any other useful tools add in the comments section, we will validate and add to the list.

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