In Short Hacks: Online Video Streaming platforms become an essential industry in Today’s world and is one of them. So are you landed here to get Premium ? Yeah! So here in this article, we have everything about Hotstar which includes: Hotstar downloading, how to create a Hotstar premium account freely and a list of Hotstar accounts with of .

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Free Premium Hotstar Accounts & Passwords 2019 | itechhacks

Free Working Hotstar Accounts 2019: Hotstar Premium Subscriptions helps us to catch up out favorite content at anywhere even when we are traveling or cannot catch up the television. Still, a huge set of people are watching Tv serials and shows which is hard to find online before. Hotstar sees this potential and released their Application which enables you to watch all TV serials and shows on your mobile or .

In a country like India, a huge number of people really needed this kind of streaming application which help them to watch their favorite shows. If you don’t know Hotstar application is created by Star Networks which is a huge media corporation.

They will get live telecast rights for almost all the cricket matches, so they can easily telecast most of the cricket match on Hotstar application too. After some brutal advertising and some added contents, Hotstar application becomes a super Hit.

In 2017, Hotstar introduced Premium access which basically enables you to access some new movies and live shows. Also, they make some Tv Shows only available for premium members. For Premium, you have to pay Rs. 999/ Year and they have monthly packs too. After that, they started adding many shows, Live matches, and many movies too in Hotstar application. This is the reason we are getting many queries regarding How to get Free Hotstar Premium accounts and queries like that.

So we decided to come up with a detailed article about How to make Hotstar premium accounts for free in 2019 and we are here. Earlier, we had published a detailed article on Netflix Accounts and Hulu Accounts as well. In this article, let us look at some of the ways from which we can get free access to Hotstar Premium. Without wasting any more time, let us actually look at the methods to get Free Hotstar premium accounts.

What Features Does Hotstar Provides You?

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#1 On Hotstar you will get a many-scroll list of categories with Popular Movies and Popular shows up , followed by the latest trending live TV content, Gift content, Must Watch Clips, modern Premium content and so on.

#2 This app became popular as an option to watching TV especially as it has the entire bouquet of Star channels on board. It covers Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati languages and each one shows how many movies and TV shows are available. This is one of the best categorizations for topical content.

#3 The playback screen on Hotstar only has United Captions, Settings and display measurement resizing options on the top right-hand corner. The Settings menu allows you to choose video quality on the fly, between Auto, Low (180p), Medium (360p), High (720p) and Ultra-HD 4K (2160p) Closed captions are available in English and Hindi only.

So far so good! Before using any of the below-mentioned tricks and methods to use Hotstar Premium Subscription on your Smartphone app or on PC you must have to download Hotstar App and Hotstar For Windows as well.

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Here we will show you how could you easily make your own Free Hotstar Premium Accounts? But, if you want to gain free access to all the content available on Hotstar Premium without paying any monthly charges then, there are few tricks which we can tell you which will allow you to get free account on Netflix and eventually get a free entry into Hotstar and make use of all the features provided by it. So let’s take a look at the methods and the steps which you need to follow to get a free account on Hotstar easily.


Hotstar Premium Account 2019 Jio  - Hotstar Premium Account 2019 Jio - “50+ Working” Free Hotstar Accounts & Passwords 2019
Hotstar Premium Account 2019 Jio

Are you using JIO network? If your answer is Yes, then you may not know Jio is providing you Free access to Hotstar Premium as a compliment to Jio Prime account. Let us look at how to this compliment offer in detail.

Step 1: For using Hotstar premium you need to have Hotstar and JioTv application installed on your mobile. If you don’t have any of these two applications, you can go to your play store and install these two applications.

Step 2: Now open, JioTv and finish the SignUp process.

Step 3: After logging in to your Jio account in Jio Tv application, search for any of the star network channels and immediately you’re redirected to Hotstar application.

Step 4: That’s pretty much it! Now you can access all the Hotstar premium shows and movies for Free. But there is a restriction with this method, You can stream Premium videos only using Jio connection and not with any wifi connections which is some sad thing.

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Using Netflix Cookies [TRUSTED COOKIES]  - Netflix Cookies Working - “50+ Working” Free Hotstar Accounts & Passwords 2019
Using Hotstar Cookies

Cookies are information about your session which is stored in your computer by a website’s server which helps to identify that you are a new user or not?  If you have a cookie in your computer then the server thinks that you are the one who is visiting the site before and provides you the account access of the person without asking for login credentials.

Now we are going to inject a cookie of a person who is having a Premium Hotstar account. To do this,

Step 1: Open Your chrome browser on your system.

Step 2: Now click this link and download the EditthisCookie addon on your chrome browser and restart it.

Step 3: Now open on your chrome browser.

Step 4: Now, get any of the premium cookies and just paste it in the Import section of EditThisCookie which is located in the top right of your chrome browser. (You can easily get many cookies by a Google Search )

Step : After, just select the tick mark and just reload the page.

Whoa! You are logged into a premium Hotstar account from which you can catch all kind of sports, serials, and movies.

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Are you feeling tired to try out the above-mentioned methods? Here we are providing some usernames and passwords of the Hotstar premium accounts for our readers. We are also adding more and more accounts on this list, so You can bookmark this page and check out after some time if you need of another account. Also, we request our readers not to change the passwords of the account as it won’t help other peoples. If you got an account watch as much content possible and help others to get Free accounts.

50+ Hotstar Premium Accounts 2019 – Username, Password (January)

Username Password Subscription Plans
[email protected] angryman1 60-Days
[email protected] pkstsbnm 60-Days
[email protected] y7f8s8d98s 30-Days
[email protected] ooTh1ohtha 45-Days
[email protected] roop8eiYah 45-Days
[email protected] 7636yaseen 60-Days

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Video On Hotstar Accounts and Subscriptions


That’s pretty much it for this How to make Hotstar premium accounts for a free 2019 (January) article. Hope this article helps you to get Free Hotstar premium account. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.  Also, if you have any suggestions on our website always feel free to contact us. Thanks a lot for reading. Catch you guys in another helpful article. Cheers!

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