Unlike most jobs, we know your work in IT doesn’t just stop when you leave the office.

We don’t mean getting calls from your CEO about his laptop. Parents, kids, friends, neighbors, random strangers who find out what you do for a living… everyone comes to you for computer help.

Two years ago, Sophos released Sophos Home which helped make being everyone’s IT expert that little bit easier. This , web-based option let you look after the IT of the people you care about (or maybe the people who bother you the most to fix their computers – we’re not judging) with a brand that you know always looked out for you as well.

Sophos Home Premium is an upgrade to the already headache-preventing technology available with Sophos Home. The Premium edition includes cutting edge technology from the groundbreaking anti-ransomware, anti-exploit solution, Intercept X.

Ransomware might make the news when it hits huge companies, but it doesn’t discriminate. Your grandmother is as at risk of finding her files locked down by ransomware as a billion-dollar . And you know who she’s going to call when she gets that terrifying pop-up window asking for cryptocurrency? The same person she calls when she forgets her password. You.

We know how much time and energy you spend keeping your family and friends safe at home. It’s like an entire second career. That’s why Sophos is offering 50% off Sophos Home Premium to Naked Security readers for the next month.

And if you’re already using Sophos Home, you can also sign up at 0% off. Sophos Home Premium usually costs $0 (€40, £40) per year so it’s a great saving.

New and current Sophos Home users can try out the Premium features for 30-days and then decide to upgrade to Sophos Home Premium or stay with Sophos Home Free. Both versions will continue to receive updates from our engineers and SophosLabs.

It’s all about making the internet safer for everyone – and making your life easier too!

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