1) More transparency on what tests we have performed

Transparency is one of our core values at Detectify, and we want to get as far away from the “ as a black box” experience as possible. Our users have requested more insights into which of our 700+ modules we run on their site as they hit “Start a scan”. Enter our brand new All test view, where you get a detailed overview of the modules we have tested on your site, and what tests you have passed and failed.

All Tests 2017 Detectify  - All Tests 2017 Detectify 1024x627 - 5 things we’ve done to make your Detectify experience better

2) Manual findings export to JIRA

Our JIRA was one of our most appreciated releases last year, allowing our users to create new issues in JIRA based on their findings. And it just got a whole lot better: We have now made it possible for you to do manual exports to JIRA, so that you can get full control over what tasks should be prioritized.

Export Findings 2017 Detectify  - Export Findings 2017 Detectify 1024x627 - 5 things we’ve done to make your Detectify experience better

Head over to our Knowledge base to find out how to set up your integration.

3) See what findings are new

You now have the possibility to easily sort out which findings are new in comparison to the last scan you made. They are marked with a “New” tag in the findings list, and you can also filter the findings to only view new ones by clicking on “Filter” –> “New” tag in the Findings view.

New Tag 2017 Detectify  - New Tag 2017 Detectify 1024x627 - 5 things we’ve done to make your Detectify experience better

4) Simplified scan setup with a Settings facelift

Our Settings page got a well-deserved facelift to make it easier for you to navigate in the tool and set up the domain you wish to test. The Settings menu is accessible through the left sidebar and divided into Scan Profile Settings, Scan Settings, Authentication and Integrations.  The functionality is pretty similar to the previous version, our focus has rather been on simplifying the scan setup to get you up to speed even quicker.

The settings related to any kind of authentication for your websites can be found in the Authentication tab (options for recorded login, basic auth and session cookie for authentication).

) Single sign-on with Okta

For our customers we now allow single sign-on using Okta, making the Detectify experience even more secure and customized. Reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more about our enterprise features.

Head over to Detectify to try out our new functionality and updates! As always, we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any inquiries or questions about our tool.

Not a user yet? Don’t worry, we have a 14-day free trial, so why not sign up today and test the security level of your site right away!

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