- 130 Million Customers Data - 130 Million Customers Data of China Hotel Operator Sold On Dark Web

The customer of the Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd was advertised in Chinese dark forums for sale. The contains 130 Personal data and it was sold for 8 Bitcoin ($6,000).

Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd was established in 2005 and it operates more than 3,000 hotels. According to the poster, the data includes anting, Grand Mercure, Manxin, Novotel, Mercure, CitiGo, Orange, AllSeason, Starway, Ibis, Elan, Haiyou and other hostels in chain reports bjnews.

Leaked data contains the following pieces of information such as Name, mobile phone number, email address, ID number, login account password, home address, birthday, same room association number, card number, check-in time, departure time, room number, spending amount.

It appears the hacker sold the data in three parts.

Registration information (Huaju website) 53GB about 123 million records
Hotel Registration Information 22.3GB about 130 million identity card information
hotel opening record that includes 66.2G, about 240 million records.

130 Million Customers  - Chinese data - 130 Million Customers Data of China Hotel Operator Sold On Dark Web

Authentic Data

Chinese firm Zibao says the data is authentic and it is a new data, and they believe the data is extracted before a month from the China Lodging Group. The data authenticity is high, according to data cross-validation results the most recent departure time is August 13.

Zibao says the batch of data is suspected to be leaked by Huazhu’s development team who uploaded the copies of the database in the Github.

Huazhu published a statement on Weibo that the is investigating the and a case filed to the police. Also, they hired a professional technology to verify if the private information sold online was from Huazhu.

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