In response to today’s Kaspersky Labs’ research summary No Room for Cyber-Complacency: a Quarter of DDoS Attacks Claim Unintended Victims”, a expert with Corero Network , leaders in real-time, high-performance defense solutions commented below.

Andrew Lloyd, President at Corero Network Security:

- isbuzz author male 1 - 1/4 Of DDoS Attacks Hit Unintended Victims“Naturally, we agree with Kaspersky’s recommendation that organizations invest in DDoS protection. However, in order for someone to ascertain that their organization is an of an , they would need to know who the attacker was and – more tellingly – who had paid them to execute it.  are often unlikely to know either identity.

“Since research indicates that targeted DDoS are seldom executed for fun, this raises the question: why would an attacker invest the resources to knowingly attack the wrong target?”

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